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oew-60 Automatic Height Adjustment Mechanism
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oew-666 Ergonomic Chair
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owe-525-22 --22" Keyboard Drawer
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oew-70- Sit Stand Mechanism
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oew-775-Dual Monitor Arm
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Office Ergonomics World is an online store dedicated to helping everyone work in a healthy and productive workspace. The added efficiencies, profitability and worker saftey of ergonomic work space design are vital to the success and happiness of our customers.

The keyboard is the main interface between you and your computer. It is also the cause of most repetitive stress injuries resulting from computer use. Having the right ergonomic features in a keyboard tray is essential to your health and well being at a computer work station.

Adjustable Height

The most important feature is the ability to adjust the height. Keyboard height is determined by your chair height (if sitting) and arm length. Being able to fine tune that and adjust it as you adjust your sitting position throughout the day is essential.

Keyboard Tilt

The keyboard needs to be held at a comfortable, negative angle that allows the wrists to remain unbroken. This angle should be easy to set once, but does not need to be changed often. Keyboard tilt does not need to be adjusted during posture changes as the angle of your arms should remain relatively constant.

Mouse House

The mouse should be placed next to and on the same level as the keyboard. Ideally it should be placed along the circular arc your lower arm makes when rotating from the keyboard to the side. The keyboard tray should be able to accommodate the largest keyboard you are likely to use and the mouse on both the left and right side. There may come a time when mouse ambidexterity is needed.

The Rest Support

Wrist / Palm rests are helpful to support the wrist during keyboarding. They help to keep the wrist in a natural, straight position to help prevent CTS.